°*°zOéDeE°*°sIsTaS 4 LiFe°*°

I am thankful for that friend of mine
Our friendship will never end
And she will always be there

Thanks for being there when time got rough,
You make it easier when times get too tough
Thanks for being there each and every day,
Thanks for being you in that very special way.

yOu MaKe It EaSiEr WhEn TiMeS gEt ToO tHoUgH
tHaNkS fOr BeInG tHeRe EaCh AnD eVeRy DaY
tHaNkS fOr BeInG yOu In ThAt VeRy SpEcIaL wAy
30.6.06 22:39

WhOs LaYdEe??

*hmm knapp 1.70m :-)
*long curly hair...!!
*bi chemielaborantin(tztzt..)
*echli duretreit
*immer am lache;-)
*cha nid mid geld umga:-)))(nume amigs)
*ha mini eigeni meinig...aber da heisst nid das ich nid di vo anderne akzeptiere...
Ich cha eigentlich echli alles lose...
hauptsächlich aber reggae.find es sell jede da lose wonem gfallt und nid eifach da wo IN isch.....los chli strubi sache..but I DONT CARE was anderi denket..;-)
na paar fav.vo mir:
*Bob Marley(one love)
*Jimmy Cliff
*Ziggy u Damian Marley
*Red Hot Chili Peppers(hammer band)
*Lucky Dube
*Lady Saw
*Buju Banton
*Erykah Badu
*Lauryn Hill
*The International Noise Conspiracy
*Tracy Chapman
*Black Uhuru
*The Strokes
*Israel Vibration
*Zion I
ääähhhmmm es git na viiiiil me,wot nid all ufschribe...

>>wani gern ha/mach<<
family n ma sis zoé
chleider..zi da a wo mir gfallt..!!
geli t-shirts
music lose
dun meeega gern zeichne
tröume(vorallem während de schuelstund...)
capoeira(chas nani guet but da chunt na;-)
Ferie in Holland!!
asiatisch esse
knalligi farbe...

>>wani nid cha ha<<
wannabe gangstas u bitches..(ihr hend eifach ke ahnig)
lüt wo nid direkt si..u hinde dure vo dir redet
früe ufsto...
wäni endi monat fascht pleite bi

hmm den da isch etz mal gnueg vo mir..1 luuuuuuv
30.6.06 22:36

**Über alle Zeit**

Ohne Anfang, ohne Ende

fest verschlungen zwei Hände

kraftvoll über alle Zeit

immer für den anderen bereit

Unsere Freundschaft ist so viel wert

weil sie sich von Ehrlichkeit ernährt

Sollten zwischen uns auch Welten stehen

müssen wir nie lange Wege gehen

Ein Blick ins Herz und dieser Ring von mir:

wo Du auch bist, ich bin bei Dir.
30.6.06 22:35


Der Mensch ist Mensch und das bisschen Verstand, das einer haben mag, kommt wenig oder nicht in Anschlag, wenn Leidenschaft wütet und die Grenzen der Menschheit einen drängen ...
30.6.06 22:34

Denk mal drüber na!

Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you're a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you're nobody-but-yourself. To be nobody-but-yourself -- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else -- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."
30.6.06 22:33

fOr My LoVeLy HuN...tHats wHat I tHouGht 2 yEaRs Ago

From the first time I saw you, infatuation
Pulled to the side to provide conversation
Wild reputation but you were so cool
Any old fool knew that you was a jewel
Ghetto to ghetto, your influence settled
More hardcore than r&b but not metal
Blacker than a kennel, you made me feel mellow
Introduction to my life, I said "hello"
Meet me in a minute 'cause I gotta finish school
Some of my homies, they never finished puffin' woo's
Stayin' up late, always studying the tapes
The world watched you fall in love, I guess fate had a,
Grip on my mind state, I wanna rhyme, wait
I fell in line, getting signed at the wrong gates
And so my heart braced at first for real
But I would still be lovin' you 'cause deep is what I feel

He's the one I always count on, one that wouldn't leave me
One that's in the city always written in graffiti
One that keeps me company, when I'm all alone
He's my heart, my mind, my spirit and my bones
He's the only one I know that would go across the globe
Meet me in a foreign land, treat me like I'm home
Everything I own, give to him, he deserves it
Treats me like a king, every syllable is perfect
Searched through the earth for a reason just to be here
And since I met him every moment's like a leap year
Baby you can sleep here, you can stay with me
Anywhere you go, know I'm probably gon' be
Full of energy, and you never acting tired
You're everything I need, when I prayed, God supplied
You my chunky fire, blessings you provide
Always in my life 'til the day that I die
30.6.06 21:37

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